Request Log

FOI #22-344 (09-28-22, 12:00 pm) - Subject - Contracts

Name - Brianna Gonsalves

Affiliation - Quinnipiac University Student

Dear University Communications

Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act §1-200 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to obtain copies of public records of the contracts of the following employees: Geno Auriemma, Randy Edsall, and Ketan R. Bulsara.

I would like to request a waiver of all fees in that the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest and will contribute significantly to the understanding of the agreements set out by these high-paid individuals. The information is not being sought out for commercial reasons.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requires a response within four business days. If the request will take longer, please contact me as to when I could expect these copies. Please be advised I am prepared to pursue whatever legal remedies necessary to obtain these documents. See Connecticut Freedom of Information Act §1-200 et seq.

Brianna Gonsalves

FOI #22-343 (09-27-22, 11:24 am) - Subject - Tracking technology

Name - Student Student

Affiliation -

I am looking for multiple sets of documents regarding several software services used by UConn.

First, I would like the records collected for the prior FOI requests from Dereka Smith under the subject "Safety Technology" and Vincent Gabrielle under the subject "Social Sentinel and Navigate 360 Detect".

I would also like any terms added to the “Local+ List” from 1/1/15 to the present day, as well as any communication about the “Local+ List”.

Additionally, I would like any contracts, contract extensions, MOUs, or signed agreements regarding, involving, or pertaining to Social Sentinel, Navigate360, or Securly.

Lastly, I would like any communications from these offices:
- University of Connecticut Police Department
- Office of the President
- Dean of Students
- Board of Trustees
From 1/1/19 to the present day containing any of the following terms: “activism”, “activist”, “demonstration”, “protest”, “rally”, “counter-protest”, and “counterprotest”.

FOI #22-342 (09-23-22, 11:40 am) - Subject - U.S. News rankings

Name - Allan Blutstein

Affiliation - N/A

Copies of all detailed reports provided by U.S. News to the university upon the university's request that break down the school's rankings. These detailed reports for this year's and last year's U.S. News rankings would have been requested by either the director of admissions, the director of financial aid, the head of public relations, the head of institutional research, the president's office, or the provost's office.

FOI #22-341 - Subject - Files

Name - Walter Randolph

Affiliation -

This is a request to the University of Connecticut under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (the "FOIA"), C.G.S. Section 1-200, et. seq.
Connecticut Public and I hereby request that UCONN make available for inspection and provide copies of the following documents and public records:
-The personnel file of Radena Maric
-A copy of any complaints received by university administration mentioning Radena Maric

FOI #22-340 (09-22-22, 10:42 am) - Subject - list of grants at CAHN

Name - Alex Park

Affiliation -

Any list(s), database(s), spreadsheet(s), table(s), or any other such records documenting all sources of external financing received by the University of Connecticut which were designated to benefit the following departments within the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources since January 1, 2012:

Agricultural & Resource Economics
Animal Science
Nutritional Sciences

As part of this request, I also request any accompanying information, including but not limited to amounts of the allocations, departments, associated faculty, associated dates, serial number, and purpose.

Additionally, I request any keys for acronyms or codes in the above-listed records.

I request these records in a spreadsheet format, such as .csv or .xls, if possible.

FOI #22-339 (09-22-22, 9:20 am) - Subject - Athletics

Name - Paul Doyle

Affiliation - Hearst Connecticut Media Group

Under the Freedom of Information Act, we are requesting all records of expenses associated with the men’s basketball program hosting five recruits on campus September 9, 10, 11. This request includes all purchases and expenses pertaining to travel arrangements made in advance of the weekend and all purchases made in connection with the five recruits. We are requesting a line-by-line breakout of expenses incurred. We are also requesting any itinerary associated with the visits.

FOI #22-338 (09-21-22, 8:41 am) - Subject - Social Sentinel and Navigate 360 Detect

Name - Vincent Gabrielle

Affiliation - Hearst Media Connecticut (CT Insider)

I am requesting the contract for Social Sentinel, a social media and digital surveillance company. The Dallas Morning News reported that UConn had a contract with Social Sentinel from 2018-2021.

I am also requesting any extension of the contract or new contract with the company. Such contracts may be for the service "Navigate360 Detect" with the company Navigate360 due to an acquisition and name change this year.

Further, I am requesting any brochures, white papers or marketing material provided to UConn by Social Sentinel or Navigate360 if applicable.

FOI #22-337 (09-19-22, 4:12 pm) - Subject - Basketball game contract

Name - Rachel Lenzi

Affiliation - The Buffalo News

I am requesting a copy of the University of Connecticut athletic department's contract with the University at Buffalo for a basketball game scheduled for Nov. 15, 2022, at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn. I am requesting this document as an electronic copy (as a PDF attachment to an email).

If there are any problems or if you need clarification on this request, please call me (716-954-1412) or email me.

Thank you.

FOI #22-336 (09-18-22, 8:18 pm) - Subject - Athletics

Name - Andy Wittry

Affiliation - On3

I'd like to make a public records request for a copy of any team-issued rulebooks or handbooks provided to any UConn athletes for the 2022-23 academic year. Since this request is of public interest, I'd like to request that any associated fees are waived. Please let me know in advance if there are any costs associated with fulfilling this request.

FOI #22-335 (09-16-22, 4:37 pm) - Subject - Communications with US Forestry Service

Name - Dan Starvish

Affiliation - CT Police and Fire Union/IAFF Local S-15

I am writing to request any and all documents, whether written or electronic, including memos, letters, emails, and/or any other form of communication, that Deputy Fire Chief Renshaw performed in reference to the US Forestry Service or Wildland Fire Fighting.

Name Affiliation Subject Location Request Status
Brianna Gonsalves Quinnipiac University Student Contracts UConn Storrs In progress
Student Student Tracking technology UConn Storrs In progress
Allan Blutstein N/A U.S. News rankings UConn Storrs In progress
Walter Randolph Files UConn Storrs In progress
Alex Park list of grants at CAHN UConn Storrs In progress
Paul Doyle Hearst Connecticut Media Group Athletics UConn Storrs In progress
Vincent Gabrielle Hearst Media Connecticut (CT Insider) Social Sentinel and Navigate 360 Detect UConn Storrs In progress
Rachel Lenzi The Buffalo News Basketball game contract UConn Storrs Complete
Andy Wittry On3 Athletics UConn Storrs Complete
Dan Starvish CT Police and Fire Union/IAFF Local S-15 Communications with US Forestry Service UConn Storrs In progress