Request Log

FOI #21-347 (10-15-21, 2:46 pm) - Subject - Athletics

Name - Paul Doyle

Affiliation - Hearst Connecticut Media Group

I am repeating FOI #21-229 filed on July 13, 2021
I am requesting UConn's contract with Opendorse, the company hired to assist the athletic department in name, image and likeness activity. Thank you.

FOI #21-346 - Subject - North Campus Housing

Name - Joel Mrosek

Affiliation -

The purpose of this letter is to obtain your assistance in helping us finalize this project. To that end we would appreciate the following.

- A copy of what UCONN approved for the additional work on the 3rd and 4th floors.
- Direction on the approval of the work we performed for the three masonry openings. (see attached PCO)
- A copy of the Payment and Performance Bond posted by Connecticut Carpentry.

FOI #21-345 (10-14-21, 7:08 pm)KP - Subject - Contract

Name - Daniel Brechlin

Affiliation - Hearst Connecticut

I am seeking a contract signed between the university and Parker Executive Search for the purpose of searching for the next UConn football head coach. To be clear, this is for the 2021 coaching search. If a contract has yet to be signed, please consider this a standing request. Thank you

FOI #21-344 - Subject - Facebook Account

Name - Robert Hagar

Affiliation -

Please provide the contact information (name, position, email, and phone number) for all the individuals who are responsible for the deletion of posts on the official Facebook account, or any other official social media site, for UConn Avery Point.

FOI #21-343 (10-14-21, 11:21 am) - Subject - Avery Point Snow Removal

Name -

Affiliation - BCI, Inc. dba Butler Company


Can you please provide me with past 5 years Snow removal contract awards for the Avery Point campus?

Thank you

FOI #21-342 - Subject - Rules and Regulations

Name - Robert Hagar

Affiliation -

Please provide a copy of the rules and regulations related to protesting at Avery Point baseball games.

FOI #21-341 - Subject - Practice/game schedule

Name - Robert Hagar

Affiliation -

I would like a complete listing of the date, time, and location for all practices and games through Dec 31, 2021.

FOI #21-340 (10-14-21, 8:37 am) - Subject - Athletics

Name - Andy Wittry

Affiliation - Extra Points newsletter

I'd like to make a public records request for a copy of any emails, as well as any related attachments, sent or received by UConn Interim President Dr. Andrew Agwunobi starting Oct. 7, 2021 and ending Oct. 13, 2021 that include at least one of: "Ackerman," "realignment" or "media rights." Since this request is of public interest, I'd like to request that any associated fees are waived.

FOI #21-339 - Subject - Avery Point Basketball Program

Name - Robert Hagar

Affiliation -

I would like the opportunity to review the financial costs of operating the Avery Point baseball program for the past 5 years.

FOI 21-338 - Subject - Athletics Travel Records

Name - Alexa Philippou

Affiliation - The Hartford Courant

Please send me what you send out for FOI 21-310

Name Affiliation Subject Location Request Status
Paul Doyle Hearst Connecticut Media Group Athletics UConn Storrs In progress
Joel Mrosek North Campus Housing UConn Storrs In progress
Daniel Brechlin Hearst Connecticut Contract UConn Storrs In progress
Robert Hagar Facebook Account UConn Regional Campus In progress
BCI, Inc. dba Butler Company Avery Point Snow Removal UConn Regional Campus Complete
Robert Hagar Rules and Regulations UConn Regional Campus In progress
Robert Hagar Practice/game schedule UConn Regional Campus In progress
Andy Wittry Extra Points newsletter Athletics UConn Storrs In progress
Robert Hagar Avery Point Basketball Program UConn Regional Campus In progress
Alexa Philippou The Hartford Courant Athletics Travel Records UConn Storrs In progress